Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Wednesday's post

Nothing for wednesday because i was sick in bed all day.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005


The girl made her way carefully to the side of the small, swift running stream of water, not far from the compound. She carried a bundle of dirty laundry carefully tied together and balanced on her head, using one hand to balance the load and the other to to help keep her own balance as she slip slided down the embankment towards the water.

It did not take her long to find a small cove like area in the swift moving water that allowed her to plunge all the clothes into the water, but did not allow the current to escape with the unwashed clothes. For if that happened she would be in even greater trouble!

She began rubbing and scrubbing the dirty laundry, thoroughly sudsing each piece, scrubbing them on the smooth rocks, rinsing and sqeezing the excess water and rinsing each piece again. Her hands had become wrinkled, red and raw looking by the time she had finished.

She was squeezing water from the last tunic, and had slowly, almost painfully risen from her squatting position, when a noise on the other side of the stream caught her attention. Her eyes searched up and down the opposite shoreline, but saw nothing. She heard the noise again. This time however, she did not hesitate. All her years as a panthergirl came flooding back as she quickly gathered up the laundry and stole into the bushes.

She silently made her way through the underbrush, stashing the still wet laundry in a fork in a tree where it would not be spotted. Then she carefully doubled back towards the stream, carefull to mask her trail. She swiftly and expertly scurried up into the branches of a small tree, concealing herself among the foliage. She could now see the area of the stream where she had heard the noise. She watched in startled amazement as a man came sneaking out of the underbrush across the stream. Obviously a scout, he paused, looked up and down the opposite bank then gave a covert signal to someone else in the brush. She almost cried out in surprise as not one, but 10 others crawled out of the brush.

Renegades! she thought to herself, her mind racing., and obviously up to no good. She realized quickly they were probably headed to the loot the tavern and to steal Ammon's beautiful and prized collection of girls. She had to warn Ammon!! But could she make her back to the tavern without being spotted and overtaken by the renegades? Oh, what she wouldn't have given for just one of her old weapons at that moment! But being a slave she of course was not allowed to touch a weapon, let alone own one.

Oh what to do, what to do?!

to be continued............

Monday, October 31, 2005

Chapter 1-Magicians of Gor

"What is it like to be a slave?" she asked.
"Mistress?" asked the girl, frightened.
"What is it like, to be a slave?" asked the free woman, again.
"Much depends on the master, beautiful Mistress," said the girl. The slave could not see the face of the free woman, if course, but such locutions, "beautiful Mistress," and such, on the part of slave girls addressing free women, are common. They are rather analogous to such things as "noble Master," and so on. They have little meaning beyond being familiar epithets of respect.
"The master" said the free woman, shuddering.
"Yes, Mistress," said the girl.
"You must do what he says, and obey him in all things?" asked the free woman.
"Of course, Mistress!" said the girl, and leaped to her feet, scurrying away.

To me, this chapter did not have a lot of quoteable material, at least that pertained to my frame of mind. The one other quote that caught my attnetion was one about the sungates....that were open at sunrise and closed at sunset and the only reason, I even considered that one was because of he recent time change here as we went from daylight savings time back to standard time. But I digress.....back to the quote on hand...

I chose this quote bacause it represents, to me, a common rule of gorean does not matter how pleasing a slave is, how beautiful she is, how perfect her serves all depends on the Master and whether or not he is pleased with her. A slave is already nothing, but in the eyes of an unpleased Master, she becomes even less.


I looked about the bare and dank room of my confinement. With that one selfish little trip last night, i had managed to break so many of his rules, i thought to myself. He had offered me a sanctuary when i was scared, he had offered me protection when my heart was broken, he had indeed offered me much and in return I flaunted his rules. Where was my honor?! Had it really been all that necessary to see my former sisters in their costumes, to see all of our hard work come to fruition? Was it worth this lonely and seemingly endless confinement? i asked myself. The rebel in my soul shouted out a hearty "of course it was worth it!" while the slave within me shrank back and shook her head, proclaiming "but we broke the rules." I knew that he only wished to keep his girls safe. And I had recklessly, and with little regard for all he has done for me, put myself directly in the path of danger, had i not? I had endangered his property like a fool. Yes, the punishment was deserved, i was lucky he had not decided to beat me to within an inch of my life or more!

There was a noise at the door to my confinement area. I smelled food. "Go away!" I called out. "I do not wish to eat! Nor do i deserve it! Go away!" After a moment or two, I could hear footsteps padding away from the cell door. I rested my head on my drawn up knees and sighed. it was going to be a long day.

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Saturday's chores

She grumbled a bit silently to herself as she reluctantly put down the manuscript she had been reading, "Fighting Slave of Gor". She would have preferred much rather to continue reading, but there was work to be done if she was to fulfill her duties and be considered pleasing. It bothered her too, that her long time friend, Courageous Musketeer, who had just last night come to SL, had not been able to visit her within the McFee compound. Well, perhaps in time......She looked about the garden area surrounding the pool and wondered at what chore she should tackle. Apparently there was a gardner because the grounds were immaculate, and the lovely marble around the pool sparkled.

She stretched, catlike, pulling all the kinks out of her muscles and joints, rolled her shoulders and felt better. With an almost liquid gait, she made her way to the kitchen area. Finding it empty, she set about to make some fresh bread for the household. She mixed the ingredients, enjoying the feel of the flour between her fingers as she used her hands to combine the flour, yeast mixture and butter. As she worked the goo with her hands, it slowly became firm and then taunt and then somewhat elastic like. She dusted the counter with a handful of flour, rolled the dough out onto the counter, working it with her hands. First she stretchedthe dough out with the heels of her hands, then she would fold it back over towards herself with her fingertips, only to push it away again with the heels of her hands. She continued in this manner for a good 10 minutes, stopping only to impatiently push her bangs out of her eyes, managing to leave behind a smudge of flour on her nose and cheek.

She then broke the dough into two halves, shaping each into a loaf and putting them in the oven. While the bread baked and its wonderful aroma began to fill the air, she washed the utensils she had used, wiped the counters and swept the floor. Within the hour she pulled two steaming hot loaves of golden bread from the the earthen oven. After drizzling melted butter over the tops of the loaves, she sat them on their sides, near a window to cool, with the hope that whoever prepared the evening meal would not be adverse to serving some of it with dinner.

Friday, October 28, 2005

She came fully awake with a start. Looking about it took a few moments to remember where she was....ahhh, her new home. Looking about the kennel she saw her new sisters who had managed to make her feel so welcomed and at ease since her arrival. The sun had yet to rise as she dressed in her simple slave silks and wandered outside into the fresh predawn air. She noticed a broom leaning on the side of a building, and smiling to herself, picked it up and put it to work. She let her mind drift as she worked the broom, sweeping the dust and debris off the temple tiles. She swept with a steady rhythm, her upper body stretching and swaying as she worked her way around the temple's pool. It was not long before she began to feel some of the pent up tension from the past few days disipate and lessen. In her mind's eye she could see the piles of tension being swept up with the dust. It was with sudden clarity that she realized she was content. this brought a smile to her lush lips. Not consumed with happiness perhaps, at least not yet, but content was good. Very good. to be continued....................

Thursday, October 27, 2005

The first post

so this is the first post for a first time...blogger...(?) is that what it is called?